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Our leather remote covers are a hit in the USA!

Now our car alarm remote covers are protecting remotes across Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Malta, UAE, and more!
A keyless entry remote cover can save money and time.
Reviews, recommendations, and more (printed with permission)
for Dawn’s


I just received my remote tote this afternoon and am really happy with it. My remote fits perfectly & it also looks very nice.
Thank You,
Joanne, Ontario, Canada.

Thanks, Dawn! My order arrived promptly.
Such a great idea - saved me $$ by not having to order another fob.
Michelle, BC

Just wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know that I received your product today and I couldn’t be more pleased. I can’t tell you how many years I have struggled with the notorious broken remote which would no longer fit on the key ring. Now I have one less headache.
Thanks again Dawn,
Michael, NY

04/29/2014 2:07 PM
Hi Dawn, I received my remotetote today and it fits perfectly--Now my  Miata MX5 is happy and so am I.  Will show to my friends. Tk's
Stan from Que

Hi Dawn!
Many thanks for your kind email and the lovely remote holder, it arrived  here safely, and beautifully packed, last week.
I was going to reply  sooner but due to camera trouble it took me until now to get the  attached for you,
thanks again, it's perfect!
My friend Stan wanted one  for himself the minute he saw it and can't wait for it to get here now.

Kind regards!
Isabella :), UKIsabellaBrey new tote pic july 2013DSCN0758

I received the tote today.  The remote fits perfectly!  So glad I got it now because I kept losing the remote.  I will keep your e-mail so if I need to get in touch or refer you I will have it. Thank you very much!
Melody, TN

I received the cover on Tuesday and it fits my fob perfectly, despite the curved  shape of the fob. Thanks for the great service. I will be sure to tell others in  my building about your product.
Yours aye,
Craig, ON

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I received my remote cover and am thrilled!  I  show it off to everyone I see (whether I know them or not).  I am  thrilled. 
Thank you again for this wonderful product.
Vickie, Martinez, CA

Thanks Dawn. Received my order and am very happy.
Denis, Queensland, Au

Received my order today.  Tight fit, but they're great!...
When the eyelet on my car door  remote broke, I thought I would have to get a new one.  But, the price was high, and were I just to get a replacement case for the remote, I  figured it could break as well.  Then I found "" The  price was reasonable, and all I needed to do was slip my still-functional  remote into the cover, insert the clip through the grommets, screw the clip  closed, and attach it to my key ring.  Got 'r' done!

Phil G., Sandusky, Ohio

Thank you Dawn,
Got your order and it fits perfectly. I will spread the words out.
Happy Holidays!

Joyce, Vancouver, BC

I LOVE my remote cover!!!!!! I will tell my friends. I had broken the  loop that hooks on the keys and I didn't know what I was going to do  till I went on line and found your items. It is GREAT!!!! Also so fast  to receive it, WOW!!!
Thanks so much,
M.J., Columbus, OH

Hi Dawn,
I just got my remote cover the other day . . . it’s wonderful!
I will certainly recommend it to my friends.
Lucy, Aurora, ON

Hi Dawn,
I was sooooo excited to find the remote covers! My remote fob is broken and can't be attached to the key ring anymore.  What a genius idea! 
Got the remote cover and love it! The purple leather is perfect! 
Love purple!
Thank you for a wonderful product!

Cheryl, MD

Sorry to hear about your shipping problems but what can you do but wait it out. Thanks for responding to my inquiry with such professionalism and promptness.  You have made a life-time customer and I will be referring everyone I come in contact with to your website for your products  Hope you had a great vacation and look forward to doing business with you again!!!!!

Lyndon, Chicago, IL

It is awesome! I almost lost the remote twice before I got it. Love the color too!

Stacy, Aurora, CO


Carol , Etobicoke, Ontario

Hi Dawn,
Just received them in the mail.
They look great and should function very well most importantly.
Thanks for the quick service.
Warm regards,
Anthony, Lawrenceville, NJ

Hi Dawn,
We have received our order, amazing service. We will spread the word on this product for sure!
Sent from my iPad
Cindy, Lucan, Ontario

Your Remote Totes work great! My wife is a happy camper now that she doesn’t have to hunt all over for her broken key. What a great idea.
Phil, CO

Hi Dawn,
Received my remote tote and have got to tell you I’m thrilled!
The plastic ring on the remote access key fob for my Toyota broke and I had been failing miserably at finding a way to keep it attached to my keychain!  Now I’m back in business! Have already told several of my friends about it as well as the key maker at my local hardware store.  Great product!

Thanks a lot!
Jan, MO

I received my remote cover today in today’s mail. It is PERFECT! Thank you for your ingenious idea that will save me hundreds of dollars. I only wish that I had found you before I had to buy the three other remotes that broke on me.  Brilliant!!

Rick, SC

Dawn, I have to say, most companies have little to no customer service. Its really good to see that you are willing to go the extra mile for your consumers. My wife broke her key years ago and it took us this long to find a solution. Your devotion is highly appreciated.
Las Vegas toters :)
Ken and Becky

Hi Dawn,
Just to let you know I received the totes today in the post -- normally wait longer for things ordered in the UK! Very fast.
They look just the job, and I’ve already recommended them on the Toyota Pick-Up forum here in the UK.
I reckon you should open a UK branch of remote totes-it’s impossible to get such a simple item here!
Wouldn’t hesitate to order from you again,

many thanks,
Garth, Cumbria, UK

I just received the tote today and it work perfectly.  Thanks. I will pass your info onto my friends...

. . . , it was such a pleasant experience working with your website, ordering and the status of my shipment.  Thanks again the pouch looks great and even better it saved me 200 bucks from  ordering and programming a new one from the dealership

Marco, Daly City, CA

It's Here!!!  It fits perfectly and I love the color.  Great Product and I will definitely recommend to all my friends and family.  Thanks for all your help!

Jen, Anchorage, AK

I just had to  write you to tell you how wonderful my remote tote is. I used to use a  piece of wire and duct tape to keep the remote on my key chain and  replace the tape and wire every 4 to 6 weeks.
What a pain, and a couple  of times it fell off my key chain luckily I was able to find it. Now  with the remote tote that will NEVER happen again. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that you invented such a device. I am thrilled with my tote.
 I bought it in red so I would be able to see it in my purse which contains all black items and black lining! I'm telling  everyone about my remote tote. Thank you so so much!

Darleen P., Salinas,  CA

I wanted to let you know that I ordered the remote tote for my Mother.  Her car remote had a very thin plastic piece holding her key ring and it finally broke. 
She didn't want to have to buy a whole new remote seeing as how her remote works perfectly fine.  Since the key ring would no longer stay on the remote, she was always loosing her remote at the bottom of her purse. 
 I searched on-line and found your remote totes.  I told her about them, we sized her remote and I order her one.  She LOVES her remote tote.  Thank you sooooo much. 
Her keys are now once again with her remote and they no longer get lost at the bottom of her purse especially since we ordered her the remote tote in red.  She has been showing all of her friends he cool new remote tote.  She loves it and I love it. 
Thank goodness the remote tote exists.  My Mother and I will both continue to pass along to our friends, family and co-workers how awesome the remote tote is.
Thank you again from a pair of VERY HAPPY Customers,
     Christina P. and my Mother, Monterey, CA

I just received my remote tote and it fits my key (remote).  What a relief!  Now, I don't have to spend $150 to replace my key. Thank you so much.
Take care.
       Suzanne R, Winnipeg, MB

Received the new red XLG remote tote today and it fits the Venture remote just right.  Works great.  I gave the smaller one to my daughter who has been going 3 years with a broken remote.  It fits perfectly She loves it. 
(She recently had to drive home to get the remote to turn off an alarm which was going off in the early morning hours for no particular reason.  This will prevent having to do that from now on.)  Thanks for the excellent customer support.

(My dealer wanted over $100 for a new remote.)
      John, Glendale, AZ

About our
key tote without a window:
Dawn. Thank you so much!!! This is exactly what we need as my husband's Nissan Maxima keys (both his main key and his spare key) have both broken at the end where they attach to the key chain.  
He has had to carry the individual key around, and you can imagine the frantic searches we have had to go through when the key has been left somewhere.  Finally we'll be able to reattach the key to his key chain.
      Rachel, Smithville, RI

Dawn, Thanks for all the help.  Will recommend you to everyone I know. Great product and great service. Thanks again!!!

    Keith, Enterprise, Alabama

All vehicles should come with these if you are provided with a remote!
    Rosemarie, PA

You guys are awesome. I had a remote tote before (my mother had purchased it then I bought the car off of her).  The remote tote survived much, but unfortunately, my dog decided it was a chew toy.
Destroyed the remote tote, but it protected my remote long enough for me to save the remote, and that saved me $105.
     Norm S., Pittsburgh, PA

Got the Tote & is just what I was looking for will add years to the life of my remote Fob. Was visiting my brother out of state & showed it to him.
He has been looking for something for a broken Fob so he can still hang it on his key ring. Thanks
     Ron C., Marion, NC
I wanted to let you know that I received my Remote Tote and it's amazing! You have a very nice product, and a simple solution to a very common problem.
 I checked many big name retailers, and everyone wanted me to buy a new remote. I thought why on earth has someone not thought of a case for remotes,
then I did a net search and I found Remote Totes! Sweet product, and I'll tell all my friends. . . thanks!
     Keefe O., WA

Got it today and problem solved. Thanks for the quick send...
Cant remember which one exactly, only that I was reading a magazine to pass the time last Monday at a local dealership waiting for an oil change and happened to read it. My remote had been beaten by the previous owner of the car.
     Rudy, Forest, ON

I received my remote tote yesterday, Monday.  Love it!  Works perfectly.  Great idea.  You ought to make a fortune.
Yes, you may quote me.  This saved me from having to purchase a new remote from the dealer at a prices of $125.  I love it!
     Suzanne, OK

06/16/09 re: key tote
Thank you. It is a birthday present for my daughter. The key loop broke on her car key and this is a perfect solution since she keeps misplacing the key - thanks for the update!
     Ronda, NJ

This product is great and arrives exactly as described on the website (and very quickly!!). The staff is extraordinary and very kind; and I would like to thank Dawn for the great help and responses. Amazing service and quality all round. Would recommend it to everybody,
     Carl, Malta EU.
Love this product!
I am so happy to have found your product. I have twice broken my remote by sitting on them while in my pocket. Your cover is the perfect solution. Thank you for the simple and well designed solution.
     Frank, NJ
We've received them and we love husband was over the moon as he's had to carry his alarm fob in his pocket for a couple of weeks, and every day increased the risk of him losing it.
It's a lovely product and looks really sweet on my key ring.
Many thanks, and I'll tell all my friends!
     Kind regards,
     Sam, UK

I received it yesterday and it is perfect. Thanks,
     Terri, Austin, TX


Thank you so much, just received it today and it’s great, perfect.
     Robert, Essex, UK

The Remote Totes arrived on Friday 29/8/08 and I used them straight away.
Remote Totes are a fabulous, easy way to solve a really annoying problem. All week my car remote had separated into 4 parts which had to be reassembled each time I used the car. I was at the point of hacking the circuit board to fit into a generic shell when I came across Remote Totes. Thanks for such a simple, good looking solution. My friends are envious.

And you can quote me on that.
     Paul, Australia

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today and I'm very pleased with my Remote Totes!  Bruce's favourite colour is purple so that one was for him.....he liked it. And I like my gray one so we're both very satisfied customers.

     Geri, N.B., Canada

4/25/2008 6:03 PM
I received the item yesterday. Thanks for packaging it neatly. I see that your website is up and running. I am happy to be your first customer, and hope to purchase more in the future. Good luck with your new business!
     Best Regards,
     Saif, Ontario, Canada
April 2008 10:00 PM
I have to have one of these! Every time I drop my keys, I worry about my remote. This will help protect it.

     Paul W., London, Ontario
April 2008 9:30 AM
“I’ve already had to drill one hole in my remote. I don’t want to risk that breaking, too.”
     Business owner, London, Ontario

Great GIFT idea:
Another lovely lady at the store:
“I don’t have a remote but I’ll take two for my sons’ birthdays!
I’ll give them a gas card with it!”

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