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About our remote covers

Our remote loop broke beginning our adventure into these wonderful leather remote covers:

We’re authorized online distributors for the Californian patented invention: Remote Totes® remote covers!

The plastic loop on our keyless entry remote broke.fix broken remote with a Remote Tote remote cover. Our dealer’s only solution was to offer us a costly new remote. We simply wanted to fix our broken remote. At that time, two of our friends with a similar problem with their keyless entry remote were told that their replacement remote would cost over $100!
After talking to numerous people with the same problem, rather than replace their working remote, they used different innovative, but not convenient, solutions to try to fix their broken remotes.

I’ve seen car remotes with holes drilled through them so they could attach to the key ring. Some people carry their remote separately. If we had used a Remote Tote® from the beginning, we never would have had the broken ring on our remote.

We realized that it’s a common and often expensive problem that faces many vehicle owners. Unfortunately, the keyless remote is not only quite delicate but expensive to replace.

We wanted a remote cover and hunted for something similar to our excellent leather cover for our cell phone. After having our former cell phone professionally cleaned & discovering tiny down feathers in it, we knew that we needed to cover our remote buttons, too.   We did not want anything extra in our car remote buttons! Also, the images on the buttons on the broken remote were wearing out.

My mp3 player only has a faceless silicone cover that doesn’t even cover the buttons. Grease, dust, and dirt Key Fob Cover Colorsaccumulates in the unit. We wanted something better

We found the quality solution in the invention manufactured in beautiful  sunny California!

These supple leather remote covers can either reattach a damaged remote or key to a set of keys so it is less likely to get misplaced, or protect a new remote from many of the most common factors that can cause damage.

We believe Remote Totes®  offers the highest quality remote cover on the market today.

A bit more . . . Key fob cover

Ladies, if you find yourself searching for your keys in your purse, a light or bright colored leather remote cover  would make your search easier, without resorting to adding additional key fobs to clutter your purse.

It's a common occurrence for the plastic casing to become detached from a set of keys through normal wear and tear. In addition, small children, pets, moisture, body oil, and trauma are all a threat to the internal electronics. When this device needs to be replaced, often the cost can exceed $150 because it is usually necessary to have it custom programmed to communicate with your car.

These remote covers are made of soft, supple, high grade leather that is chosen for its color fastness and durability. The covers come in a variety of colors and different sizes so most car alarm remotes/key fobs can be accommodated. The stainless steel hardware has an extremely secure closure, so you can feel confident that your key set will stay attached to the tote.

a) They are functional, yet stylish.
b) They are a unique, useful gift.
c) &
are currently being marketed in thousands of car dealerships throughout the US

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