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Keyless Remote Covers
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Easy to use car remote cases
Fix broken remote loop

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Our supple leather remote fob covers protect your keyless remote
Leather remote cover will also fix broken remote loop.

fix Broken keyless remotes:

Fix Broken car keyless entry remote like this with a Remote Tote remote cover.

with Keyless remote cover:

Remote case protects keyless entry remotes.

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 before it becomes another “broken remote”.

Buy your car clicker covers and Key Covers here.  View all sizes
including open-end key remote covers and transponder key covers

Ship worldwide. $12.99 Cdn each. Low shipping cost. 


Small (nearly square)   Medium (taller)  Large (tall narrow)  Ex Large (tall wide)

Download Size template if needed in PDF or JPG format.

Lime Green Key Fob Cover at
Do you want to protect your car remote with a functional yet
fashionable remote case?
Need to fix your broken car remote loop?

Our patented leather remote and key covers:

  • Protect new or used keyless entry remotes and after-market remotes from scratches, wearing, dirt.
  • Protect expensive car keys - transponder keys.
  • Reattach broken remotes &  broken transponder car keys.
  • Made of genuine, high quality, supple leather.
  • Made in the USA.

    Replacement remotes can cost up to $200!

Features of Remote Totes® :

  • Great colors = easier to find keys or remotes!
  • Save money: An economical  solution for replacement of broken car alarm remote cases and/or remotes!
  • Makes an excellent gift = functional yet fashionable.
  • Outstanding manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • A green solution = Before you have to fix a broken car remote or broken key and before you have
    to try to fix your car alarm remote, protect your remote or transponder key with a quality leather cover.
  • So easy to use. How? Slide your car clicker into your key fob cover jacket, put the key ring hook
     through the metal grommets of the remote case - not the often fragile plastic loop on your remote.
  • Protect factory or after market remotes.
    See the sizes to find one right for your remotes.

How our keyless entry remote covers help protect your alarm remote:

  • Keep the plastic loop hanger on key or remote from breaking.
  • Attach broken alarm fobs.
  • Help prevent damage from dropping your keys.
    It’s a genuine leather remote case.
  • Decrease rain and water damage.
  • Help stop wearing away of the information buttons.
    * Buttons are visible through clear vinyl window.
  • Prevent dirty build up within your remote -
    so often a cause of remote malfunctioning.

  • Guarantee:
    "Regardless of where you purchase your remote tote, Remote Totes®
    will stand behind our product 100%. In the unlikely event that you find
    defects in  workmanship or are not pleased with the product, please
    contact us directly, and we will be happy to rectify the situation.
    We want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with our product."